A helpful list of prayer requests for Jahar

I’ve been praying daily for Jahar since April 21, and what’s been really helpful for me is the following list of specific prayer requests for Jahar. I adapted it from a list at a website called Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer. I know that Jahar hasn’t actually been convicted of anything yet, but these requests apply whether he’s truly innocent or guilty. Whether he bombed the Boston Marathon or not, he’s still a sinner who needs Jesus’s payment for his sins, just like all of us.

For conviction of sin and sense of shame – example: “Jesus, confront and overwhelm Jahar with his shameful deeds and sinful nature till he becomes desperate for righteousness from you.”

For heart changes – example: “Father, lead Jahar to repent for rejecting Jesus and declaring war on your children.”

For dreams and visions – example: “Jesus, reveal yourself in dreams and visions to Jahar. May he not sleep in peace until he surrenders to you.”

For irresistible pursuit by God’s Spirit – example: “May your Holy Spirit relentlessly pursue Jahar to the depths of his hideout, that he may not escape your grace.”

For inescapable proclamation of God’s Word – example: “Jesus, may news of your free gift of eternal salvation reach the opened ears of Jahar.”

For powerful demonstrations of God’s grace – example: “Lord, expose Jahar to the precious testimony of Jesus’ followers.”

For providential convergence of circumstances – example: “Father, orchestrate events around Jahar to facilitate these prayers.”

For vulnerability – example: “Dear God, strip from Jahar all his defenses that he may turn to Jesus for hope and salvation.”

Against spiritual blindness and bondage – example: “Lord, release Jahar from Satan’s grip and open him to sense and know your grace in Jesus.”

For God’s honor – example: “God, may the redemption of Jahar clearly display your character and glory.”

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