Prayer changes things

I saw this sermon jam today from John Piper, and I think it’s something that those of us who pray for Jahar really should listen to.

Prayer causes things to happen that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pray.

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25 Responses to Prayer changes things

  1. I LOVE this. Wow! Sometimes praying for Jahar may feel like a burden on my heart because I feel so sad, but it feels even more like an absolute PRIVILEGE to my soul. I love his use of that word here; it’s so perfect, so fitting! And so true.

    • Bri says:

      There are so many times when praying for Jahar and wanting him to be saved is so great a burden that I LITERALLY feel a weight on my shoulder, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a privilege, an honor, and a joy to be in this mission. And if I can be used in even the slightest of ways to bring Jahar to Christ, I will be so humbled, honored, and thankful that God used me to do something so unbelievably wonderful.

  2. Ada says:

    What I got from listening to this was that our cries are part of His greater Plan, His greater work. God has not created children completely separated from His work. Instead, we are Children admonished to do His will: love God and love each other as ourselves.
    Y’all recommended me a source that said that our prayers call attention to a certain area. Our answered prayers are glories to Him.
    Think about it, for each (earnest and heartfelt) prayer offered up, that is one more glory to God (because we’ve faith in Him, etc.). When those prayers are answered and all the people rejoice and marvel and reaffirm that God is sovereign and good and great and wonderful- hallelujah, the praise is wonderful!
    Think of all the praises that will come of this mission 🙂

  3. Bri says:

    The ocean was beautiful. A lot saltier taste than I would’ve ever imagined, though. Wasn’t fun getting that down my throat and up my nose. Watched a gorgeous sunset the last night of the trip. God’s a wonderful artist.

    • Bri says:

      I applied to the University of Montana and the University of Colorado largely because of my love of the mountains, but sadly, neither of those schools gave me the kind of scholarship offers that the University of Minnesota and other schools did.

  4. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    Try New England water – gross LoL.

  5. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    I have just been praying that God would have His hand upon Jahar’s lawyers and be giving them wisdom and discernment for every decision they have to make….that God would use them to help Him accomplish His purposes for Jahar. I know that nothing that happens will be outside of His will.

    And good for you! I feel comfortable telling Christian brothers and sisters but I’m a baby in general when it comes to speaking up. :-/ After a 200 comment debate turned nasty on Facebook one night over which I lost some friends – I tend to be more hesitant than I probably should be. :-/

    • Ada says:

      Lynn, K…*big teacher eyes/hands on hips* It’ll be ok as long as you speak for God’s purposes and not human purposes (this is what I tell myself if I ever start getting in one of my ‘hesitant’ moods). What can people really do to you? What do we have to fear? Ultimately, we fear nothing but God. Y’all talk about telling about our mission. Well, I’ve put up a few posts praying for Jahar on my Tumblr (Tumblr has a long reach because so many Jahar supporters are on Tumblr). The first was my reblog from here. It was reblogged once by a Jahar supporter (she’s claims to be a Christian supporting CU4J by praying for Jahar…she believe that he is innocent and dwells a lot on that) and liked 3 or 4 times.
      I posted last night telling people to “get serious” and pray for Jahar, especially with the upcoming status conference. I’ve had one re-blog (by the same person) and five likes. (Make that six likes now.) (Make that seven likes now.)
      So people are responding to the Jahar posts. I’ve looked up the people and except for one or two, they don’t seem to be Christians (or rather, not active Christians…I don’t know).
      I’ve not had any mail or questions come in about this, so I can only guess what people think. I’m sure that it is easier to explain the Mission to someone online than it is on person. Then again, people can say some nasty things online 🙂
      200 comments, K? How is that possible? God loves us, and has commanded us to love one another AS OURSELVES. Uh…I’m glad that I was prayed for when I was not saved! How can people turn a simple mission of love into a 200 comment debate?
      Anyhow, y’all stay strong 🙂 It’ll be as God wills it and He will not test us more than we can bear (look at Job).
      Bri, I am so glad to see you again! 😀
      Christian ❤ to y'all,

      • Bri says:

        Thanks for doing your part to get the blog some exposure. I love having more and more people exposed to this mission.

        And imagine how Jahar is going to feel when he learns just how many Christians were praying for his salvation all along. I hope he feels so incredibly loved and treasured at that moment.

      • Ada says:

        I’m glad to do it ❤
        I want this mission to, if possible, affect people other than Jahar. I want people to know that God is mighty and all-powerful. I want them to see that, yes, God can reach sinners. God hates sin but loves us all so much that He is willing to save a person that worshipped another god. That will be a testimony right there 🙂

    • Bri says:

      We can’t be alarmed when things happen in this case that we don’t think are good. God knows what Jahar needs and maybe that’s way different from what we think he needs.

    • brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

      Yeah – it is def way easier to share online than in person. I actually find it pretty easy to share it with my brothers and sisters in Christ – but I have found that pretty much unanimously, people who aren’t Christians or true Christians don’t understand. The comments in the debate were mainly about how we could pray for such a monster and that the victims deserve our prayers but he doesn’t, etc. Oh and also that we’re trying to make ourselves look good by fasting and praying for him and that it’s a selfish thing.

      • Bri says:

        If we really were doing this selfishly just to look good, we’d be praying and fasting publicly for the victims, not the “monster” who hurt/killed them. So dumb, haha. Disclaimer: I do pray for the victims; they just aren’t my main focus.

      • Ada says:


      • brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

        Yeah apparently we’re trying to look like “super Christians” or something….we should just pray for him and not say anything to anyone because we’re just trying to make a show out of it or something.

      • Ada says:

        Well (in response to them, not you- of course!) if you had medicine and millions upon millions of people were sick- yet were afraid of the medicine for no good reason- would you keep it to yourself or would you want to people to see that there is help out there?
        We don’t claim to be able to save Jahar, we just claim to love and pray for him. We give God all of the glory! And btw, we say we’ll praise God when Jahar is received, not Bri, or K, or Lynn.
        It is almost laughable…then you realize that those people are missing out on a Gift 😦

    • Bri says:

      I actually find it far easier online than in person. I’m way bolder online, and I’m much better at written communication than oral communication anyway.

      • Ada says:

        Sorry for stepping in the middle of a “comment conversation,” but I was just thinking about the mission’s outreach. The more people that know that we’ve prayed for Jahar will mean more people that see a great glimpse of God’s power, love, and mercy. As I’ve said, Tumblr’s got a good reach out there (because it seems like every Jahar supporter is on Tumblr) and the posts that I tag “Jahar” or similarly seem to attract views (in other words, people are searching for posts on Jahar). I’ve even had a non-Christian re-blog one of the posts to HER blog, which will be viewed by more people. So I wanted to offer you- Bri, K., Lynn- the possibility of contributing Jahar posts (or posts related to it) to my Tumblr. I don’t know exactly how that would work if it did happen- I’d probably either have to give you my user/password for Tumblr or copy the post from a whiteboard (yes, I love white-boards- I’ve edited a lot of essays on them). (Of course we’d give credit to the actual writer.)
        I think it would be a good outreach/idea because there’s more people trying to prove Jahar’s innocence/guilt rather than SOLEY pray for him.

      • Bri says:

        If you didn’t want to give away your password, we could always email you if we have something to share or use Google Docs or something of that nature.

      • Ada says:

        I don’t mind giving away the password 🙂
        I would rather e-mail it to y’all than post it directly onto the blog though (maybe I could put it in a draft on here?) I’ve also opened up a URL on a whiteboard that I’ve used often. If y’all would rather use that, I’ll make a draft of that too 🙂
        P.S: Sorry for responding so late- I wanted to get my Google Analytics up before (don’t know if it’s worked yet or not!)

      • Bri says:

        I’m up for whatever. I can make any technology work because I’m a bit techie. I had a web design major, after all, until I dropped it before my senior year to free up room for some political science and criminal justice classes.

      • Ada says:

        OOOOHHHH! I am technologically-unadvanced, even though I am of the “technology age” and have taken a Computer Concepts course. 😦

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