It’s finally here!

After two postponements, tomorrow is finally Jahar’s arraignment! The arraignment begins at 3:30 p.m. Eastern.

You know what that means: PRAY!

Whenever you have free time before then, use it to pray. If you’ve got even five minutes to kill, pray! If you’re driving, pray! If you’re taking a shower, pray! If you’re thinking about watching TV or playing video games, pray instead! If you’re killing time on social media, get off and pray! There’s a lost, lonely, and hurting 19-year-old possibly facing the death penalty. He needs our prayers.

Pray that Jahar would be spared the death penalty.

Pray that Jahar would be kept safe tomorrow, as you never know if there’d be some crazy person who wants to take justice into his or her own hands. Think Jack Ruby with Lee Harvey Oswald. It’s also almost an hour drive from Devens to the courthouse, so pray for safe travels.

Pray that God would give Jahar and his family strength, especially in the upcoming days.

And like always, pray for Jahar’s healing and for the salvation of Jahar and the entire Tsarnaev family.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much – James 5:16

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2 Responses to It’s finally here!

  1. ahl says:

    Yes, it’s finally here. We are all getting nervous. I can’t imagine how Jahar must feel. This is so hard and emotional for him. He must feel nervous too. He’s going to be in the same room with his victims. I am going to go pray for him. Keep us informed tomorrow. And all Christians here…pray always. Never give up. We put Jahar’s fate in God’s hands.

    • Bri says:

      I’m definitely getting nervous, but we’ve just got to trust that God has everything under control. I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to be like for Jahar, especially with however many victims show up in the room. The hatred and anger that are going to be in that courtroom. I feel sorry for him. Maybe I’ll live blog tomorrow, but it might be hard for me to do. I’ll definitely be praying as it’s going on, though. And I’m going to turn off my computer and just pray when everyone else goes to bed here.

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