Made to Love

It’s so easy to think that this song was written for me — a Christian, who loves God, obviously was made to love Him. That’s great to know, but when I heard this song a few weeks ago, I realized no…this song is not just about me. This song is about Jahar. (And Tamerlan!)

In high school, I remember learning in my small group Bible study about the purpose God had for humans. If God could do anything, why did He create humans? Especially knowing that sin would begin with the first humans ever created, not to mention to what “sin” has become today — why would He create us? Well, the answer is simple and it really hit a chord with me that still resonates today.

God created humans to do the ONE thing He, himself CANNOT do: worship Him.

Pretty crazy, right? If you think about it this statement really is the truth: God can do ANYTHING, but truly…He cannot worship Himself. So, we were created in His image to worship God. And, in turn, this song describes that so perfectly. We were made to love Him, and to be loved by Him.

And though not everyone believes in OUR God and some people reject Him, we were all still made to love Him and He still loves ALL of us. Including those that have turned away, those that have hurt other people, and especially those that have murdered.

So yes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was made to love. He was made in the image of God to love God, and of course, to be loved by Him. So, in the grand tradition of my “Jahar songs,” I’ve changed the lyrics as I sing them aloud to fit Jahar even more perfectly (emphasis mine):

“That he was made to love You, he was made to find You
He was made just for You, made to adore You
Jahar was made to love and be loved by You

You were here before him, You were waiting on him
And You said You’d keep him, never would You leave him
Jahar was made to love and be loved by You.”

About Taylor

i'm a writer, book editor, and a california dreamer.
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2 Responses to Made to Love

  1. Bri says:

    Man, Taylor, from “So yes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was made to love.” to the end of the post, you had me tearing up… And you know how hard it’s been for me to cry through this all!

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