Successful evangelism

I feel so helpless sometimes because I wish there were more that I could do to help Jahar and lead him to Jesus. But the truth is, we can’t do anything other than use the tools that God has given us. It’s our job to do the best we can with those tools and leave the results up to him.

I read the following quote during training group with Cru, a Christian ministry I’ve been involved with at college:

Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.

That’s all that we can do: be faithful with what we’ve been given.

So what tools have we been given? I can think of three major ones:
1. The ability to be prayer warriors for Jahar
2. The ability to share Christ with Jahar through writing letters to him
3. The ability to bring other Christians into this mission through this blog and other methods

We might wish we could do more, but these three things are so powerful. God could use these three things alone to lead Jahar to Himself. Let’s be faithful with the tools that we have been given rather than lament that we don’t have more tools.

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