The most unloving thing we could do

I saw the following tweet today (I’m hiding the Twitter handle of the person who posted it because I don’t wish to attack her, as despite what she said, I harbor no ill will toward her):

Hateful tweet toward ChristiansThe replies to the Twitter conversation that followed in response to this tweet went on to call us words such as “obnoxious,” “disrespectful,” and “arrogant.”

I wanted to address this tweet, rather than just ignore it, for two reasons:

  1. That us Christians who want Jahar to be saved continue faithfully on in that mission whenever we encounter such hatred and opposition
  2. That non-Christians who stumble upon this blog can hopefully understand our point of view, even though they understandably don’t agree with it

Before I get any further, I must make a disclaimer: I don’t hate Muslims; rather I hate how Muslims are treated by many people. In addition, Jahar has the right to believe whatever he wants to believe.

That being said, I have a huge problem with this tweet because it is filled with a lack of understanding about what we believe as Christians. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ and His substitutionary death on the cross are the ONLY way to be saved and to avoid an eternity in hell.

Thus, if I believe that, what should my response be to people who don’t believe in Jesus as their Savior? Should I just sit back and say nothing because I might offend somebody or sound disrespectful if I do? By no means! That is the real disrespectful thing to do. That is the most unloving thing I could possibly do.

Because Jahar does not believe in Jesus as anything more than a prophet, as a Christian, I believe he is on his way to hell if nothing changes.

Imagine if I saw a burning building and saw that there was a person inside of it that I could help either by calling 911 or by going in myself and rescuing that person. What if I just walked by and pretended that I didn’t see any of that? Wouldn’t that make me a wicked, heartless person?

That’s how I see this situation. If I were to just accept that Jahar is a Muslim while believing that faith in Christ is the only way to escape hell, trying not to lead Jahar to Christ would be like saying to him, “I hate you.”

Because I love Jahar, I can’t help but do absolutely everything I possibly can to lead him to Jesus so that he can have eternal life, no matter how many F bombs get thrown at me for doing that.

I’d like to conclude with a video that drives the point of this post home. It’s an atheist talking about exactly what I just wrote about. If you’re a Christian, watch it because it’s convicting and it encourages us to keep fighting to win the souls of the lost. If you’re not a Christian, watch it because he understands and explains my Christian perspective better almost than I even do.

EDIT (5/3/14): The video that was previously embedded here has been removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement, so I’ve embedded a different video of another atheist talking about how Christians should evangelize.

Penn Jillette on Sharing Your Faith (proselytizing) from Howard J Koepka on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to The most unloving thing we could do

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  2. That Tweet Is Mine says:

    The tweet you’ve quoted above is mine and I stand by every word of it. However, not surprisingly, you’ve interpreted what I said as “hatred” when it’s not. I merely stated facts. What you’re doing is obnoxious, it is arrogant, and as you’ve agreed above, Jahar can believe whatever he wants. So leave him alone.
    I do not have “a lack of understanding of what Christians believe”. I know what you believe. What, exactly, in my tweet gives the impression that I don’t? Your assumption is not only incorrect but just plain ignorant. If you’re going to argue, at least present an intelligent argument.
    I reject your explanation for why you pester people and push your views on them because it’s false. It’s also very poorly worded. Your explanation above doesn’t make sense although I do know what you’re attempting to say. It’s a shame you’re not actually able to say it. (I’m assuming based on the above that English is not your first language.) Your thinking is flawed – seriously flawed – but you are evidently so far gone that you can’t even recognize that what you’re doing is wrong.
    I respect your right to believe whatever you like, just as I believe it for Jahar, and for myself. I don’t have to agree, however. I personally do not believe in god… do I push my views on others? No. Because unlike you, I’m not so arrogant as to believe 1. That anyone cares, 2. That my beliefs will (or should) mean anything to anyone else, and 3. I respect each person’s right to practice (or not) whatever religion they choose. That belief, that decision, has nothing to do with me. Your poor explanation for why you think it’s okay to harass people in an attempt to get them to convert to Christianity is warped and nothing but double-talk. You say that not attempting to convert non-believers would be the same as saying you hate me. I’m okay with that. If your bizarre logic equates leaving non-Christians alone to hate, then go ahead and hate me. I prefer that option.
    In sum, I do not hate you. I hate what you’re doing. I hate the fact that you don’t want to understand that it’s wrong. And I really hate the fact that you don’t recognize that you’d likely benefit from professional counseling to help you stop your religious bullying, which is essentially what you’re doing.
    Don’t bother responding as I don’t care to hear any more from you. We will probably never agree – and that’s okay – but I’m going to have to insist that if you quote my tweets, that you don’t then try to twist my words and accuse me of saying something that I haven’t even thought, nevermind tweeted. It’s unfair, it’s irresponsible, and dare I say it, it’s unchristian. Shame on you.

    • Bri says:

      You said I shouldn’t bother responding, but I feel I have to because I’m not going to approve your comment and have it be seen by other people without a response from me. And you didn’t violate my comment policy, so even though it’s not a positive comment, I won’t reject it because I actually do welcome opposing views, as long as they aren’t extremely awful personal attacks or something of that nature.

      I didn’t say that what you said was hatred. I made the disclaimer that I don’t hate Muslims because I felt that it is likely that some people who don’t agree with my mission would think I do, so I had to get that out there. If I came across as sounding like I was accusing you of that, I apologize because that was not my intention at all.

      Going back and rereading this post, I do think that maybe “I have a huge problem with this tweet because it is filled with a lack of understanding about what we believe as Christians” wasn’t the proper way to word my reaction to your tweet. I actually strive for excellence in writing and making logical arguments (my education, past jobs, and career path have required those skills), so I’m willing to accept criticism and admit when I could’ve done better. Your tweet didn’t at surface level display a misunderstanding of Christian doctrine. I guess I read into it that you didn’t understand that as a Christian who believes that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to have eternal life, I believe I should share the Gospel with people because I don’t want anyone to go to hell. I don’t wish hell on my worst enemy. I apologize if I read into your tweet something that wasn’t there at all. I don’t like when people take me out of context, so I try not to do that to other people. But I’m anything but perfect, so I mess up from time to time.

      I must defend myself and say, however, that I am not forcing my beliefs on anyone or partaking in “religious bullying.” When I was able to write Jahar before the SAMs were in place, I never once shared the Gospel with him. In fact, I never even said the name of Jesus. I just poured out the love of Jesus into those letters. Granted, I was going to at some point mention the Gospel, but I wasn’t going to continue pestering him with it after that initial time, letting him do with it as he wishes. The same is true of the emails I wrote Zubeidat. And I don’t go around seeking out Muslims, atheists, etc. who are part of Free Jahar and push my beliefs on them. I reply to those who tweet at me and ask other Christians to pray for Jahar. Those who don’t like my mission and my beliefs don’t have to follow me, view my tweets, or come to this blog. That’s their choice, and I respect that. There’s even a woman I met on Twitter who converted to Islam from Christianity, and I’ve been nothing but respectful toward her and still talk to her without forcing my beliefs on her. I want her to know Jesus badly, but I know that forcing my beliefs on ears and minds that aren’t open to them won’t do me or them any good. I’m just going to love her, and if she wants to talk about matters of religion, I’m more than happy to talk.

      I don’t hate you either. In fact, if anything I love you because that’s what Jesus calls me to do and God has given me the ability to love even those who don’t agree with me. If you weren’t an atheist or agnostic (however you would label yourself), I’d actually even ask you if you wanted prayer for anything because I’d be more than willing to pray for you. I care about people, no matter what they believe.

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