Update on Jahar (8-10-13)

A new update on Jahar was posted today, but it’s in Russian. The following is a rough English translation done by Google Translate with slight modifications made by me to make it more understandable (where I could figure out what was being meant):

Today Zubeidat wrote that she had spoken with Jahar. The conversation took place yesterday. Congratulated each other on a holiday [Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan].

Jahar was offered to do the surgery on his ear. But he refused. Zubeidat very much afraid that something could happen to him because of this operation.

When his father asked him about how hard and lonely it is, he replied that he was never alone, and that his best support is Allah.

Jahar spoke very quietly. His words never had the nerve or ambition. Media are turned when they talked about it, wanted to capitalize on ‘sensation’. Jahar added that all this is a lie. [I can’t quite decipher this last paragraph… anyone know what it means?]

This brings up two main prayer requests:

  1. Continue to pray for complete healing for Jahar’s left ear. It’s so sad that he feels he can’t trust the doctors. Most likely surgery is the only way he’s supposed to be able to get any hearing back. But our God can restore Jahar’s hearing completely without surgery, so pray to that end—that Jahar might come to know our God as his healer.
  2. Pray that Jahar’s eyes would be opened to see that the real reason he’s not alone in that cell is not that Allah is with him but that our God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is with him and He wants and loves Jahar.
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1 Response to Update on Jahar (8-10-13)

  1. Ada says:

    “his best support is Allah.” This makes me sad because, well, Allah is not God. 😦
    I know that God will bring it all to His glory however! 🙂
    Perhaps the last paragraph is meant to say something like this:
    “Jahar was always a gentle person. Jahar was never the leader, but instead was a follower. The media is morphing this, using Jahar to make a “sensation.” Jahar has admitted that these accusation are lies.”
    I don’t know because I don’t speak Russian! I’m only able to guess this because I have a lot of practice deciphering my jumbled English (ahahaha). 🙂

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