Lifelight Music Festival

This Friday through Monday, I’ll be attending Lifelight Music Festival in Worthing, South Dakota. It’s a free Christian music festival that happens every year over Labor Day weekend.

Since I first began praying for Jahar in April, I’ve been striving to build up an army of prayer warriors for him. I figured what better way to do that then to try to reach out to people at Lifelight, where the crowds at times exceed 100,000 people.

I designed a T-shirt to wear and made some business cards to hand out if people express interest in Christians United for Jahar after seeing my shirt or talking to me. I’m including some photos of the shirt and the business cards at the end of the post.

Please pray that the shirt and business cards will be effective in getting more Christians to pray for Jahar. Also pray that I would be able to withstand any hate that might come my way. If I can get even one person to pray for Jahar, it’s worth suffering through an abundance of hate. He’s worth that much to me.

Front of my CU4J T-shirt

Back of my CU4J T-shirtCU4J business cards

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