Check out our internet radio appearance

Today I appeared on Christian Talk Radio, an internet radio show, talking about Christians United for Jahar and loving our enemies.

If you missed it, no worries, because Christian Talk Radio’s webpage has the episode available for listening already. Listen in to find out “Is it Possible To Love Your Enemies?”.

A big thanks to everyone who prayed for me in preparation for the show! I really appreciate it, and your prayers definitely helped.

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4 Responses to Check out our internet radio appearance

  1. bellasue02 says:

    I wish you would not refer to him as the enemy. He has not had a chance to tell his side of what happen. I know this site isn’t to prove if he is guilty or innocent but it seems you are not giving him the benefit of doubt that maybe he didn’t do it. Oh wait, government said so, it must be true. They would never lie about anything.

    • Bri says:

      I honestly really don’t believe he’s innocent, and it’s not because the government said so. I am very critical of the government and find it hard to trust it. I do believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty, though. Normally I do use the word “alleged” when I talk about what he’s accused of, and if you notice, I NEVER call him the “Boston bomber.” If you listen to the show, the host called him the “Boston bomber,” but in my answer, I referred to him as the “Boston bombing suspect.”

      The show was largely about loving our enemies in general, so even if Jahar really didn’t do this, I don’t see a problem with the show being about loving our enemies. And since I do believe he’s guilty, that does make him my enemy. I will say, however, that despite the fact that, if guilty, he is technically my enemy—and our country’s enemy—I love and care about him so much to the point where I don’t think of him as an enemy. I see him as what he can become: my brother in Christ.

  2. The sad truth: most in the world who know about this case HAVE already tried and convicted him in their own minds, and the majority of people do view Jahar as an enemy who doesn’t deserve prayer. It’s not Bri’s fault the world is conditioned this way.

    Although I’m sure Bri wants to reach everybody through this mission, I’m pretty sure her targeted audience was fellow believers who have already written Jahar off as an enemy and believe him to be beyond redemption (or just simply unworthy of it). She went on the show FOR the people who have already made up their minds and feel this way. She did not go on to discuss the politics of the case; she went on to rally for prayer. And rallying for prayer often means meeting people at their level of thinking to remind them of what Jesus would do.

    Innocent or guilty, he’s in this situation. But part of the mission is to get people to put the politics aside because such legalities tend to get in the way of prayer.

    • Bri says:

      I completely agree, Hyl. The majority of people have already considered him guilty since April 19th and thus see him as their enemy. That’s not fair, but it’s the way it is, and trying to push that fact aside isn’t going to do any good.

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