Four specific prayer requests

In discussions on here and on Facebook lately, I’ve been told some specific prayer requests that people have been led to pray for. I thought I’d share those so that we all could pray for them, as I believe they’re important requests if the Holy Spirit has laid them on our hearts.

1) That Judge O’Toole will be unsettled and unable to forget about Jahar and how isolated he is. That God will wake him up in the middle of the night and cause him to think about Jahar and be able to feel the pain of isolation. That this experience, repeated again and again while he tries to go about his ordinary routine, will give the judge compassion for Jahar, leading to the lifting of the SAMs in God’s perfect timing.

2) That the victims of the bombing will begin to express an outpouring of compassion and forgiveness toward Jahar.

3) That God will protect Jahar and prevent him from becoming filled with hatred and that he will somehow be able to endure as long as God decides he has to while waiting for the SAMs to be lifted and correspondence to begin flowing, sharing the love of Jesus with Jahar freely and in whatever way the Lord leads each of us.

4) That Jahar would know how near God really is. That he would know all he has to do is ask, and that he would even if he feels unworthy. That there would be a revival at Devens (where Jahar is) and Essex (where Dias and Aza are), that they would realize how near God and salvation are.

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1 Response to Four specific prayer requests

  1. burninglamp says:

    CU4J, prayer request 4 Jahar. Victims of bombings, the Norden Brothers will talk about Jahar in local media after Attorney General publicizes announcement tomorrow. Victims talk why show him any regard when he clearly refused to have regrets.
    Bri, please tweet a prayer for Jahar.

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