Recent developments: Change of venue & trial date

I just wanted to update everyone on a couple developments from this past week in case you missed them.

First, Judge O’Toole vacated the February 28 deadline for a change of venue request by Jahar’s lawyers. He did not set a new deadline.

Pray for God’s hand to be over where this trial happens (if the case goes to trial), that the location would somehow be advantageous in bringing Jahar to Christ. The location would possibly play a role in the willingness of jurors to decide on the death penalty.

Second, the trial for Dias, Aza, and Robel has been set to start on June 23. Dias’ and Robel’s lawyers wanted a January 2015 date, and Aza’s wanted a date several weeks later than June 23.

Make sure as you pray for Dias, Aza, and Robel that you don’t forget to pray for their lawyers as well.

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