Change Your Desktop Background to ‘Hope For Jahar’

Editor’s note: The following blog post is an anonymous submission from a Christians United for Jahar contributor.

Drawing of Jahar

Praise God more brothers and sisters have adopted to pray for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at “Adopt-A-Terrorist” and make it their mission to pray for him daily for his salvation.”

The number has climbed recently.  After a year since his capture, so many people are still praying for him, makes us wonder if he’s meant to be saved.  We know that God loves him so much that He put it in our hearts to continue to pray for him, even though most people would not be so concerned. We love him because the Spirit is working in us to love him. Jahar is a child of God for whom Jesus died for. He is a young man alone and abandoned, locked-up in a 10-by-10 cell, wondering if he would live in prison forever or if he would die. We hope more people will be encouraged to adopt Jahar and pray for him every day.

Adopt-A-Terrorist described Jahar as, ‘the young brother was like a puppy dog following his older brother.’  It is sad that back then 19 year-old Jahar was so led astray, whether it was the influence of his brother’s or his own doing. It is sad to see young Jahar’s face among the gallery of terrorists.  It’s sad to see he is truly the youngest amongst all of them. Before the bombings, Jahar was just an ordinary teenager.  He wanted to become a dentist or a nurse. It is hard to believe that now he sits alone in an undesirable place, 23 hours a day in his cell.  He has suffered greatly both physically and emotionally from his consequences.

To help us not give up on Jahar, I drew this picture of Jahar in prison for our followers or supporters to change their desktop background appearance on your laptop, if you want to. If you are very committed in praying for Jahar, we hope this drawing of the fearful, lonely and depressed Jahar sitting isolated in his small cell will remind you to pray for him always or when the trial draws near and during the trial.

The picture is for us to pray for him. The picture is also for Jahar to have “HOPE beyond the walls.”  Angry people will say he has no hope.  But, we, who have followed this case and have come together to love and pray for Jahar, we believe he deserves hope, a hope to live and to have a second chance.

Remember the song by Sidewalk Prophets “Save My Life” mentioned in the past blog?  Imagine Jahar is feeling lonely and forgotten. Imagine he spends time reflecting on his life and praying to Allah. Is he saying this to himself?

“Tell me what I need to hear, Tell me that I’m not forgotten.
Show me there’s a God who can be more that all I’ve ever wanted,
Cuz right now I need a little hope. I need to know that I’m not alone.”

It is good Jahar prays and reads religious books because Islam is all he knows. It’s his culture. It is all good that he clings onto it for hope. However, we pray for God to reveal Himself to Jahar so that he can be saved from destruction, and so he can choose (or even just to know about it) to receive a greater Hope of God’s unfailing love and a hope for him to start over. This is amazing grace.

It seems like we are outnumbered and that there have been a number of oppositions that Jahar faced in the past weeks, but we yearn for hope in this fight. Whatever hope we pray for Jahar beyond the walls whether it is a fair trial or to be spared from death, we trust our God is in control and is planning each step of the way for Jahar in this case.

An FBI agent said, “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is dead, whether he is living or not, his life is over.”  We hope his life is not over. He nearly lost his life, but we hope he finds Jesus out of this messy situation, a second chance to live in hope in Christ. For Tamerlan, it is too late. But, love believes it is not too late for Dzhokhar. Dzhokhar enjoyed saving people’s lives when he was a lifeguard. It’s just so sad that he ruined many people’s lives…including himself. People think he is awful because he hurt many people, but he must feel pretty awful himself. We must pray for his salvation. How we wish we could just reach out to him and share with him this hope.

Followers, don’t forget to download or ‘save as’ the “Hope For Jahar” picture to your laptop or computer. Change your background appearance on your desktop. We hope that when you see the drawing of Jahar it will remind you to pray for him every day as he lives in isolation that he has HOPE.

Of course, we don’t want to forget Dias, Azamat and Robel and all the survivors. We pray they have hope as well.

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3 Responses to Change Your Desktop Background to ‘Hope For Jahar’

  1. Ada says:

    Sorry I can’t save the picture (it’s against my belief on Exodus 20:4, which I’m bad enough about anyhow. Seriously, sorry!). I found a verse today that I think helps build hope even greater: “The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD” (Proverbs 16:33 KJV). In other words, GOD has the final say. Praise Him!

    • Bri says:

      No need to apologize. As I mentioned in my comment over on your blog, I respect your conviction about images.

      I like that verse. No matter what decisions are made for Jahar, God is in control. And He totally can even use those decisions for good, even if they seem bad at the surface.

  2. Bri says:

    “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is dead, whether he is living or not, his life is over.”

    When I read that quote from the FBI agent in some news article, it made me really sad. But it’s hardly true. His life is anything but over, and the only dead he is right now is that he’s dead in his sins just like everyone else outside of Christ. Maybe the rest of his life in this world looks bleak, and maybe it seems as if he’ll just waste away forgotten behind bars. I’m convinced that with Christ, however, he can still have life and not only that but life in abundance. Jesus can provide purpose, hope, joy, peace, and strength in his earthly life despite the circumstances and then after that give him an eternal life that no one could possibly steal away from him no matter what they do to his life here.

    He still has SO MUCH hope because God spared his life and gave him a second chance. It is anything but too late for him.

    Thanks for contributing this post and the drawing. You did a good job.

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