God’s Love is Powerful

God’s Love is Long Enduring:

The Bible says that God is with His followers: “Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive my glory. Whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee” (Psalm 73:23-25).

Once Jahar receives salvation by Christ (and I truly believe he will receive such), he will ultimately have nothing to fear. The comments and arguments given to him by his family will not remove God’s love. God will help Jahar overcome such obstacles. Jahar will no longer run to worldly pleasures, but rather, he will run to Christ’s side. Whatever darkness in his heart will be erased with the help of God.

God’s Love Leaves No Wreckage in the Heart:

Throughout the Bible, God’s love and Christ’s Atonement brings peace to His followers. Yes, there is temporary (in other words, physical) discomfort or pain as a result of others despising the Light, but that pain and hatred is ALWAYS washed away from those that love and trust Him.

Jahar can be (and I’m sure that he will be!) seen clean of sin when he stands before the Throne. If and when Christ receives Jahar, Christ accepts all of Jahar’s sins so that he may become a part of God’s family.

God’s love is capable of removing all the previous pain and long-lasting fears. God can comfort Jahar and separate him from the wreckage in the world.

God’s Love is Patient:

What is wonderful about God is that He is extremely patient. He does not give up after a week or two of calling for a person to follow Him; instead, He waits and works in a person’s heart to weaken them towards His call. He can (and does) use everything in His power to help soften a person’s heart.

I know that God does not give up easily, because it took seven years of Him calling me (these are just the years that I really felt His absence from my life).The fact that Jahar’s not yet been saved after a year of active prayer from Christians does not mean that God’s given up. No, God is working in Jahar’s heart as we speak! God has not forsaken the mission of bring Jahar to His family. Rather, He is strengthening the spiritual mission! God is weakening Jahar’s heart right this instant.

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I had a Christian blog 2 years ago.... I've learned of God's love since <3
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4 Responses to God’s Love is Powerful

  1. Bri says:

    Your second main point here reminds me of some of the lyrics of “Hello, My Name Is” that I quoted in my last blog entry:

    I am no longer defined
    By all the wreckage behind.
    The one who makes all things new
    Has proven it’s true.
    Just take a look at my life.

  2. Ada says:

    And that’s the great thing about Christ: you start your spiritual life a-new. Whatever Jahar’s done will have earthly consequences. But Christ does not allow the names that we give people to hinder His love for us. God’s mercy cannot be defined by humans, and thankfully is not controlled by humans! No matter what people say, Christ can reach Jahar and make something beautiful out of him!

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