For all the negative things we have to say…

This has Jahar’s name written ALL OVER IT! NO, it is not impossible that Christ would welcome Jahar. Christ is knocking on the door, about to break it down to reach Jahar. He is ready and longing to forgive each and every one of Jahar’s transgressions. Christ is powerful and is moving in mysterious ways that we do not see.

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I had a Christian blog 2 years ago.... I've learned of God's love since <3
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5 Responses to For all the negative things we have to say…

  1. Bri says:

    You say, “I’m too dirty.”

    God says, “I can make you clean.”

    It’s quite possible that once Jahar starts thinking maybe Christianity is true, the enemy might attack him with the lie that his sins are far too great to be forgiven. I pray sometimes that God would protect him from that lie and that he would see the cross in its full power. The precious blood that was shed there wasn’t reserved for people who’ve never murdered. After all, then the Apostle Paul could never have been saved. May Jahar encounter Paul’s conversion story if he ever feels too dirty to be washed clean.

    • Ada says:

      After I read this comment, I was thinking how many obstacles there are in Jahar’s walk TO salvation. Then I read the quote again: “I’m too dirty…I can make you clean.”
      So I thought that there is no work too dirty for God. There is no work that is too complicated for Christ. In Christ’s good time Jahar will come Home.
      There IS a lot of obstacles, but Christ can clear the way ❤

      • Bri says:

        No amount of dirt in our lives and blood on our hands is too much that the blood of the Lamb can’t wash it all away.

      • Ada says:

        And that’s what’s wonderful about Christ- our weaknesses, like the fact that we are sinners- can actually bring us to Him 🙂

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