Shine On Him

I was lost in darkness and sinking sand
Well, I was barely nothin’, a broken man

God, Jahar is so lost without You.  He’s broken.  I imagine he feels as if he is worthless….unloved….unwanted.  He needs You, and he needs You now.  Without You, he is in sinking sand…..on the path to eternal torment and separation from You.

But you picked up the pieces of my heart in your hand
Then you came and showed to me love’s second chance

Lord, would You pick up the pieces of Jahar’s heart and help to fit them back together?  Would You heal him in Your holy name?  I praise You and thank You for being a God of second chances.  Would You give Jahar a second chance in You?

Shine on, shine on, shine on me
Whenever something’s missing
You’re exactly what I need
Your love has shown me the light, and now I finally see
So shine on, shine on, shine on me

Jesus, shine Your beautiful light into Jahar’s darkness.  Maybe he feels like something is missing….maybe he feels a false sense of Allah’s presence.  But Lord, whether he knows it or not – You are exactly what he needs.  Open up his eyes Jesus.  Open up his eyes to the truth…..that You are the one true God.  That there is nothing he could have ever done that is too much for Your precious blood to wash away completely.  That he has a Father who loves him and deeply desires a personal relationship with him.  That he has never been more wanted in his entire life than he is right now….by a passionate God who is relentlessly pursuing his heart.

Lord knows that I’m not perfect, but I sure do try
And I see the man that I can be, in your eyes
Well there are times I still get lost in yesterday
But you put the past behind me and you light my way

Father, help Jahar to see who he could become in You.  While human beings may always place negative labels on him – that doesn’t need to define who he is.  Help him to see that You have the power to make him a completely new creation.  Lord, help Jahar to put the past completely behind him and step into a new future, walking in the light as Your son.

Shine on
Shine on
Shine all your love on me
Shine all your love on me

God, thank you for shielding Jahar’s body from the bullets in the boat that night.  Thank you for saving his earthly life and giving him an opportunity to find eternal life in You.  You have a prodigal child, God…..and whether he knows it or not, he needs desperately to come home to You.  I know You love him Jesus.  Shine all of that beautiful, deep, unconditional love down on him relentlessly until he is Yours Lord Jesus.  And he WILL be Yours.

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9 Responses to Shine On Him

  1. Ada says:

    K, the prayer and the song is so beautiful! It is very encouraging. I especially like the song lyrics, “Your love has shown me the light, and now I finally see.” All it takes for Jahar to see is God’s love and mercy. We all know here that God has TONS of it available. 🙂
    “That he has never been more wanted in his entire life than he is right now….by a passionate God who is relentlessly pursuing his heart.” The darkness is not too large or too powerful or too overwhelming for Christ. Christ doesn’t give up like we tend to do- Christ “relentlessly pursues”! ❤

    • brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

      Thank you! YES! Thank goodness we have a God who doesn’t give up. It’s funny because this is actually a love song (it does say “baby” in it a few times haha) but every time I hear it I don’t understand how it’s not a Christian song. I sing it to God when I sing it. 🙂 I never really thought of it in terms of Jahar until I heard it again recently and was like “Woah!”

  2. Ada says:

    “We are making history….” That cannot be more truthful. What we’ve written on this blog and what we’ve written in our hearts will NEVER go away. They may disappear from view temporarily, but they will be brought up before us on that Day.
    I want people, angels, and every being possible, to be able to see our words, our actions, thoughts, and prayers and have them all come back to glorify God. I don’t want our prayers to end with just Jahar. No, but I want them to cause a chain reaction: Jahar, his family, his friends, a person silently viewing this blog, that person’s friends, their family, other Muslims, etc. I want people to wake up from their coldness or lukewarm-ness and take notice of God’s care. I want people to wake up because the time is near.
    If one prayer for Jahar helps to build His kingdom or helps to bring glory to His name, I’m in. I’ve seen what a SINGLE prayer can do- it saved me spiritually (and probably physically). Think of all of our prayers 🙂
    Y’all are my sisters and Caleb is our brother, no matter what. I see you no less than that ❤ I was thinking about it earlier, and it cannot be a coincidence that we've been brought together. It's not just so we can talk and laugh together, there's got to be a much larger reason. We are weapons in the hands of God, except that we do not destroy good, we try to pave a way for the lost.

    • brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

      “I was thinking about it earlier, and it cannot be a coincidence that we’ve been brought together. It’s not just so we can talk and laugh together, there’s got to be a much larger reason.” Well there is very obviously one huge larger reason. 🙂 But I really think there are a million little reasons. Just last night Bri and I were talking about how things could have been so different for Jahar if he didn’t have Tamerlan as a brother…..and how he wouldn’t be in this mess. But then I was like “Yeah, but you know what? Then I wouldn’t be in love with Jesus, we never would have met each other, Operation Life wouldn’t exist, and Jahar’s eyes might never have been opened to Jesus.” God can take what was intended for evil and turn it into so much good! Don’t get me wrong – my heart breaks for the victims and I pray for strength and healing for them all the time. I wish I could turn back time and give all of those people their lives and limbs back. It’s not fair that this had to happen to anyone. 😦 But I pray that God can take the evil and pain in their lives and somehow turn it into good also. I have already heard some positive stories coming from the victims, and I pray there will be so many more. ❤

      • Ada says:

        Absolutely, I am also sorry for the victims of what’s happened. I marvel, though, that God has overcome this evil and has used it for good. I am so glad that you came to Christ 🙂 I am so glad that we all have “met,” and I’m glad that Jahar’s soul is being exposed to our prayers.
        I know that good will keep coming out of this. I will keep praying (and I’m sure y’all will, too!). People say that they can feel a storm coming on…well, my faith tells me that there is a miracle coming on, one that is too bright to be hidden for long. It will be proclaimed, whether in Heaven or on earth, but it will be marveled at. I look forward to that day ❤

      • Ada says:

        It’s just little sayings in books, like an elderly person would say, “It must be getting ready to snow- my rheumatism is acting up.” Just folksy stuff like that, nothing found in a religious book! When I said that I feel a miracle coming on, I meant that I’ve faith in God that it’ll happen, etc. Not a dream or anything 🙂

    • Ada says:

      Thank you!

  3. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    I have had both of those on my to-read list since you told me about them earlier. Ahhhh… list is so long! But I guess I better push those more toward the top. I just ordered a book I’m so excited about called “My Friends on Death Row: Voices Silenced One by One” and it is a collection of letters death row inmates from a woman who has written to something like 50. I was so excited when I saw it because I feel the exact same way, so that’s at the top of my list too. But woah – you are right – the parallels are crazy! We have already seen division happening, and I pray constantly for unity, because we are so much better when we’re fighting together as a team! I am thankful too for every single one of you and how God has brought us together to pray for his beloved child. None of us are here by accident – every single one of us was called to this for a reason – and we need to remember that when we get frustrated with one another. I already AM blown away that God has chosen me – and I don’t take it lightly. He is working everything together for Jahar’s good in ways that we can’t even imagine. Keep praying my brothers and sisters!

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