Last Word

It’s hopeless.

He’ll never be saved.

He doesn’t want to be saved.

He wants nothing to do with Jesus.

He’s too deep into radical Islam.

He has too much evil in his heart.

He has so much blood on his hands.

His heart is filled with so much hatred and anger.

He’s so lost.

Solitary confinement is going to drive him crazy.

They have him so isolated.

He has hardly any chance to hear the gospel.

What a ridiculous idea.

You’re hoping against hope.

He won’t come to Jesus because he will lose his family.

You’re crazy to believe that God has called Jahar.

You’ve made this up in your head.

He’s too far gone.

It will never happen.

It’s so easy to let the enemy fill our mind with doubts…to fill our hearts with fear…to steal our hope.  But the good news is that HE has the last word.  Not us.  Not the enemy.  Not the haters.  Not the prison system.  Not the criminal justice system.  Not the jury.  Not his family.  Not even Jahar himself.  Our Heavenly Father has the last word over Jahar’s eternity.  If He has chosen him and He has purposed for Jahar to be his, it will happen.

Let His voice calm the violent sea and speak courage over you.  Let His love silence your fear and restore your hope.  Let His voice shatter the darkness.  Remember that when He speaks, strongholds surrender.  Remind yourself that His name alone overcomes the enemy.  HE has the last word.  It is finished.

Lord, I thank You that there is nothing anyone can do to thwart Your plans for Jahar.  I thank You that You and You alone have the last word over Jahar’s life.  I pray, Jesus, that You would providentially orchestrate every single circumstance so that Your plans for his life will be fulfilled.  I know that nothing will happen that is outside of Your will.  Protect our minds and hearts from the doubts and lies that the enemy tries to feed us.  Remind us daily that You have the last word.  We trust You completely with his life Jesus.  In Your matchless name-above-all-names we lift him up to you, Amen.

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10 Responses to Last Word

  1. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    “God didn’t rest until I belonged to Him. He won’t rest until Jahar belongs to Him too!” Amen sister – that is so beautiful to think about. Over and over again, we hear stories of God pursuing people. When God is pursuing you – it doesn’t matter how much you reject Him or push Him away – He always wins eventually. Thank you Jesus for not resting until Jahar is Yours. ❤

  2. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    YES – because like Mark Batterson says – bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers!

  3. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    Although hopefully they wouldn’t be driven to that point by it – I totally agree with you there. I was just in a death penalty debate with someone the other day with people who claimed to be proclaiming Christians – and the hatred just shocks me. I mean – essentially saying it’s better to send them to hell than to give them time to come to Jesus – that’s just plain hatred. Do we really think that Jesus would feel that way? I choose love.

  4. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    So I didn’t really respond to this yesterday because initially I got excited about it, but then doubts and possible counter-arguments started filling my head. Well God set that straight today! One of the inmates I am writing to and praying for on death row has 2 children, both of whom have wanted nothing to do with him, which has broken his heart. I have been praying hard every day for them to be able to see the new creation that he is and to make things right with him before it’s too late. Well maybe a week-and-a-half or two weeks ago I was praying for this very thing when this feeling came over me and I just knew it was happening at that moment and I was like “I know You are doing this God – thank You so much for answering my prayers and bringing him back together with his children” and then the Holy Spirit spoke to me again and I was like “Oh, it’s just one of them I guess – but that’s still so amazing – thank You God….just please continue to heal and restore their relationship.” Well I waited for him to say something and he never did – so I finally just asked – and lo and behold – right around the same time, his daughter reached out to him with a letter that has meant the world to him. I was completely blown away – not only that God answered my prayer for him – but that the Holy Spirit spoke to me in that way and then confirmed that it was true. And in turn – that gave me SO MUCH HOPE that the things that the Holy Spirit lays on my heart for Jahar are just as true and real as this experience with my friend on death row.

    • brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

      I will never, ever give up. You can count on that. 🙂 This was actually a totally new experience for me……nothing like that has ever happened before so clearly. Now I want more! Haha. “You demonstrate a great capacity to love and I see why the Lord called you to this cause.” Wow – that meant a lot to me to read. ❤

  5. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    It’s so funny how we all read this article and had the exact same reactions to the exact same parts. Bri and I had a lengthy conversation about it (she’s still 100% here in heart, but hardly has time to breathe in law school)…..and we both couldn’t believe the things Ruslan said – but I think you’re right that in part it is him protecting himself. We both also for a brief moment thought it might say something about CU4J – but I’m sure you’re right that many of them have seen it. I’m sorry that it caused you to doubt so much……for some reason it had the opposite effect on me and it just broke my heart for him and motivated me to pray even harder for our brother to come home.

  6. Bri says:

    I rarely get above 6.5 hours of sleep. Often it’s more like 5-6. I’m a night owl, though, so the 2:40 a.m. thing isn’t weird; I’d prefer to be up that late, but I often can’t anymore due to classes at 8 a.m. and 9:05 a.m. On Fridays, I don’t have class until 1:25, though.

  7. Bri says:

    I think it’s going to be so important to remember the message of this post next month when the trial starts. It’s going to be a very emotionally difficult time for us, and I’m sure the enemy will pounce, trying to fill our heads with doubts. You know, what the enemy says is entirely true—if God weren’t in control. With God, Jahar’s future goes from entirely hopeless to filled with a glorious hope. I still can’t thank God enough for sparing his life that night because it’s so huge that he did that. There is still so much hope for Jahar. So much.

    • brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

      YES. God is in control of every single thing that happens in and out of that courtroom. When things happen or decisions are made that are discouraging to us – we need to remember that it’s all part of God’s plan…..and His plans are so much greater than ours. What may seem awful – He can turn to good. And even though the witnesses and the prosecution and the defense and the jury and the judge all have a say……HE has the last word.

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