Led Them off as Slaves

Aerial footage from final pretrial conference

Last night I was randomly playing Lauren Daigle’s “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” while looking at the above photo of Jahar from his final pretrial conference on Thursday. The accidental juxtaposition of the song with the photo was perfect.

And one by one
The enemy has whispered lies
And led them off as slaves

Is that not exactly what has happened in Jahar’s life? He’s bought into perhaps one of the greatest lies the enemy has ever told—the lie that Islam, antichrist at its core, is the final and true revelation from God. He’s become a slave to that damning lie. In fact, Islam even teaches that Muslims are slaves of Allah, rather than sons. And because of buying into the ideology of radical Islam, Jahar is physically captive, led off from place to place without any control whatsoever of the matter. My heart breaks to see in that photo such a visible representation of Jahar’s physical and spiritual captivity.

But that’s not the end of the story. After all, Jesus came to set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1).

But we know that You are God
Yours is the victory
We know there is more to come
That we may not yet see
So with the faith You’ve given us
We’ll step into the valley unafraid, yeah

Right now we cannot see how it’s even possible that Jahar would come to faith in Christ. He’s not only Muslim, but also he committed an act of terrorism in the name of Islam. He’s completely isolated from the world, having interaction only with his Muslim family and his lawyers whose faiths are unknown to us. How in the world is God going to rescue him from his captivity?

The better question is how could God not be able to rescue him? Victory is the Lord’s, and He is working in ways that we cannot see. So let’s move forward in prayer with faith that God can save him, without fear because our God is greater than the enemy and the chains that bind Jahar.

Oh God of endless mercy
God of unrelenting love
Rescue every daughter
Bring us back the wayward son
By Your spirit breathe upon them
Show that You alone can save
You alone can save

Father, bring this lost, broken young man onto the road to freedom—spiritual freedom and, one day in Your presence, physical freedom. May his life come to proclaim a message loud and clear: You alone can save, and You can save anyone.

Aerial footage from final pretrial conference

Come alive, my brother. True freedom awaits you.

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1 Response to Led Them off as Slaves

  1. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    LOVE. I had never heard that song before, so thank you for introducing it to me. 🙂

    “How in the world is God going to rescue him from his captivity?” Because He is GOD. Because there is NOTHING that is impossible for Him. Because the Bible is FULL of stories of God choosing the most evil and lost people to do great things for His kingdom. Because He has called His children from around the world to intercede on Jahar’s behalf. While the world might roll their eyes at me and find this hard to believe…….I find it hard to believe anything otherwise.

    The last verse of the song you posted reminds me of the verses from Jeremiah that I have written on my prayer wall and which I have blogged about before, “‘Is not Israel still my son, my darling child? says the Lord. ‘I often have to punish him, but I still love him. That’s why I long for him and surely will have mercy on him.’ Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Mark well the path by which you came. Come back again, my virgin Israel; return to your towns here. How long will you wander, my wayward daughter? For the Lord will cause something new to happen – Israel will embrace her God.'” (Jeremiah 31:20-22) I know it’s twisting the context a little, but every time I read that, I can’t help but read Jahar into it and rejoice picturing the moment when he finally embraces his God.

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