He Knows What He’s Doing

This has been my anthem over the past couple of weeks and will continue to be for the next several months.  I just wanted to share it with you tonight as a reminder of Who is in control.

“We can trust our God always.  ALWAYS.  He knows what He’s doing.”


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2 Responses to He Knows What He’s Doing

  1. Bri says:

    I love this comment. I want to see the smile on his face when he finds out all that God did for him to lead him home.

  2. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    YES. He has His hand on every single aspect of this trial. Nothing is happening that is out of His control. He is hand selecting that jury. He has a perfect plan. Even when things don’t go our way – they are going His way. He knows Jahar intimately. He knows his every thought, tear, pride, fear, insecurity…..all of it. He knows exactly what it’s going to take to lead him home – and He’s going to give him that – even if it seems terrible or heartbreaking to us who love him. And I’m willing to have my heart broken temporarily if it means I get to spend eternity worshipping my God in heaven alongside my precious brother.

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