I Want Everyone to See

When the stars came crashing down 
In tiny pieces to the ground
I was all alone down here
Trapped beneath the atmosphere
Then I thought Somebody called my name
I spun around and caught a flame
I gave in to a God I didn’t know
And now everything is falling into place
A brand new life is calling, and I owe it all to grace

It’s so much brighter living in Your world
Savior, what You did for me
You gave me something I want everyone to see

Sometimes it’s easy to give into doubts and negativity, and that’s when I need to just stop and let these lyrics sink in.  Jahar’s world is crashing down around him.  I imagine he feels quite alone and trapped.  But we serve a God who can call Jahar’s name…who can show him that he has been worshiping a false god…who can make Himself irresistible to him. And in that moment – God, in His infinite grace and mercy, can create a beautiful new life for Jahar…completely free from the chains that bind him.  Jahar can be transformed from someone who is so hopelessly wrapped up in evil and darkness into a bright shining light for his Savior…a light that, against all odds, our God can find a way for everyone to see.

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1 Response to I Want Everyone to See

  1. Bri says:

    Father, open his ears so that he hears You calling his name.

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