A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, two years ago You began to pour Your grace out over my future brother’s life – and I just want to take a moment to say thank You.  Thank You for protecting him in that SUV and keeping him alive as all of those bullets were being shot at him.  Thank You for giving him a place to hide – because while You wanted justice, You also wanted Jahar for Yourself.  You created him to love You and worship You, and You didn’t want to let him go without a fight.  Thank You Jesus for shielding his body as hundreds of bullets were shot at him in that boat.  Thank You for keeping his heart beating and his lungs breathing as he lay on the floor bleeding.  Thank You for keeping him safe as he got down from that boat, and for keeping him alive despite whatever happened to his neck.  Thank You Father for all of the nurses and doctors who cared for him and kept him alive against all odds.  Thank You for all of Your healing power that has been poured out over his life.  I know that there is no way he should still be here God.  I look at that SUV and at that boat – at the hundreds of bullets that were aimed directly at him – and all I can say is thank You.

Thank You for calling me to pray for Your lost child that very night Abba.  Thank You for calling Your children all over the world to do the same thing…for making it so clear to us that Jahar will be Your child, and that he will do amazing things for Your kingdom.  Thank You for using this tragedy to rescue me and make me into a beautiful new creation in You.  Thank You for blessing me with the sister and best friend that I had always longed for, and for the incredible way she has discipled me from the moment we met.  Thank You for everything that You have been doing through me…for the lives that have been and will be changed because of the way You have changed my heart.  Thank You for the way You have taken this tragedy and redeemed it for so many.  I pray that You would continue to do that.  I have no idea why You chose me to intercede for Jahar, but I will never be able to express how grateful I am that You did.  I am so honored to get to be a part of what You are doing in his life.  All I want is to follow You……to make my Father proud.  Thank You for continuing to raise up prayer warriors every single day….and for the ways in which You keep bringing us together to encourage one another and lift one another up.

Thank You for the blessings You continue to bestow upon my future brother.  Thank You for blessing him with lawyers who treat him like the human being that he is…who aren’t afraid to smile at him, laugh with him, touch him.  Thank You for the way You are orchestrating every single detail of this trial to lead Jahar home to You.  Thank You that You have a more perfect plan than we could ever imagine, and that no matter what, we can continue to trust in You.  Thank You that You are working on his heart every single day…whether that’s through dreams, visions, Your word, Your children, or some other way…I know that You are working.  Thank You Jesus that Your blood is enough to wash away the blood on Jahar’s hands and make him white as snow.  Thank You that he isn’t too far gone…that You can still save him.  Thank You that despite how evil Jahar had become…how lost in the darkness he was…that You looked upon him in that boat and said, “Not this one, this one is Mine.”  Thank You for not allowing them to take his life before he gave his life to You.  Thank You that in Your infinite mercy and grace, You gave him another chance.  Looking at all of those bullet holes…knowing how many times he should have lost his life…knowing the horrendous evil he committed and where he stands with You…I know that by all accounts, Jahar should be in hell right now.  I will never be able to thank You enough that he isn’t…and that instead of the eternal torment he deserves, I will one day worship at Your throne next to my brother….that I will get to look over and see the hands that once did so much evil raised in worship to his Father…to hear the voice that once proclaimed Allah singing praises to the One True King.  I can hardly imagine anything more beautiful.  And all I can say is thank You.

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1 Response to A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. Bri says:

    “Thank You for the way You are orchestrating every single detail of this trial to lead Jahar home to You. Thank You that You have a more perfect plan than we could ever imagine, and that no matter what, we can continue to trust in You.”

    Although I can’t yet understand the verdict, I still thank You, Father, because it was not a curveball to You but rather a furtherance of Your beautiful plan.

    Thank You that I even have a future brother to pray for. I could never thank You enough.

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