Without Suffering Grace is Hard to See

Lord is it possible to get this far
And just now understand who You are?
I’m feeling foolish yet relieved as well
‘Cause what I bought before, I just can’t sell

But now my eyes are open wide
If this is wrong
I don’t wanna be right

Father, please open Jahar’s eyes to see the truth of who You really are.  Help him to see that You are the one true King.  As difficult as it will be to digest, help him to understand that he has been worshiping and serving a false god, and that You so deeply desire all of his worship and praise.

Could it be that on my worst day
How You love me still will not change?
What if it’s really not about
What I do but what You did? Oh what if…

This ain’t wishful thinking; it’s just how it is
This ain’t wishful thinking; it’s just how it is

Jesus, Jahar has been taught to believe that he has to do specific things to get into heaven.  His whole life, he has been following a works-based religion.  He did the terrible things he did in order to earn a place in heaven.  When someone has had a works-based mentality for so long, sometimes the gospel is really difficult for them to grasp.  Please help him to see that it really is that “simple”…that it’s not about what he does, but what has already been done for him.  Help him to grasp the depth of Your love for him in the midst of his sin and brokenness.

Well, I guess I’m better late than not at all
Or did You plan it this way all along?
‘Cause without suffering grace is hard to see
So maybe I’m right where I’m supposed to be

And now, I’m seeing You so differently
And all I can say is finally

Abba, please show Jahar that it isn’t too late for him…that he could never be too late or too far gone for You to rescue him.  Take what the enemy intended for evil and turn it into good.  Use every tear…every sleepless night…every ounce of pain and suffering to lead him straight into the open and waiting arms of his Savior.  I know You saved his life that night.  Your abundant grace and mercy kept his heart beating.  Please don’t let that go to waste.  Help him to see the grace that You have poured out over his life.  Use the darkness that surrounds him to magnify Your beautiful light in a way he might never have seen it otherwise.  Bring him home Father.  Please bring him home.

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1 Response to Without Suffering Grace is Hard to See

  1. Bri says:

    I hope that not a single tear of his falls to the ground unnoticed and unused by God. If he has to suffer (which admittedly he deserves, at least to some extent), I don’t want that suffering to go to waste; I want it to bring him to his knees where he cries out to the One True God to reveal Himself and save him.

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