Raw thoughts from a heartbreaking Friday

Note: I wrote this quickly on Friday night after the death sentence was announced. I thought I’d share my raw thoughts from that moment of heartbreak. I was on a family vacation then and still am (absolutely terrible timing), but sometime after I get back, I hope to post a longer blog entry about the sentence.

Today a piece of my heart broke. They’re going to kill my little brother. I hope I wake up tomorrow and find this was all a terrible nightmare.

Daddy, hold him. Fight for his heart before they stop his precious heartbeat. He needs You now more than ever before. Come to him tonight please. He’s probably so scared. Take his fear away. When he cries out to Allah, may there be nothing but a deathly silence. And in that silence, may he finally hear Your voice: “Dzho, My child, come home. I can give you life.”

Daddy, help me trust You. I’m terrified that my brother won’t come to You in time. If he says the Shahada in his final statement, You might as well kill me because my heart will stop beating.

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2 Responses to Raw thoughts from a heartbreaking Friday

  1. brokenheart4whatbreakshis says:

    This is so beautifully written sister. I can feel all the pain you were feeling as I read it. My Friday afternoon and evening was filled with a lot of “Abba”s and “Daddy”s because I just felt like a girl who desperately needed her Father. 😦

    • Bri says:

      I wish I could’ve cried out to my Father instead of having to hold it all in. I hate how numb I feel about it all thanks to shutting off my emotions.

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