One More Day


When I heard the news last week I was heartbroken, frustrated, sad, angry, shocked, and everything in between.  I was scared that Jahar’s time to come to You may have just gotten cut significantly shorter.  It took me some time to process those emotions, but You have reminded me all week long that You’ve got this…that You have raised up an army of prayer warriors for Jahar bigger than I could ever imagine…that You work all things together for good…and ultimately, that You are in control.  Two days before the sentence was announced, I cried out to you, “God, his life is in their hands!”  And Your Holy Spirit cut me off immediately almost before I could finish the words: “No it isn’t, daughter, it’s in Mine.”  So Father, from this point on, I am choosing to change my perspective.  Instead of being angry at the decision and dwelling on what is going to happen to my future brother one day, I will choose to wake up every morning and say, “Thank You Father for one more day.”  One more day to pray him home.  One more day to fight my heart out for him on my knees – alongside the beloved brothers and sisters you have blessed me with to encourage me on this journey.  One more day to experience the beautiful depths of Your love for him.  One more day for You to teach me about Your incredible grace and mercy.  One more day for him to see dreams and visions of You.  One more day for him to get his hands on a Bible, open it, and start reading.  One more day for you to bring a Christian into his lonely and isolated life to love him with Your love and share the gospel with him.  One more day for him to discover the depravity of his sin and his need for a Savior.  One more day for him to cry out “Who are You God” and for You to show him.  One more day for him to fall in love with You.  One more day for him to be used by You to grow Your kingdom.

Father, believe me, I don’t want to see my future brother executed.  I want him here to have time to get to know You and lead others to You.  But really, the most important thing is that he belongs to You.  Daddy, keep his heart beating until he is Yours – and as soon as he is, You can take him home.  I can’t say there won’t be tears and pain – but I know there would be one heck of a celebration knowing that he is finally free and in Your arms experiencing all of the love he missed out on here on earth…worshipping at Your feet…laughing and running and dancing without those chains around his ankles.  And until that moment comes – I’m just going to keep thanking You for one more day.  He shouldn’t have had one more day Father.  He should be in hell right now.  But You shielded his body from those bullets and gave him this chance, and I could never praise You enough for that.  Every single day he has is a gift.  Please don’t ever let me worry so much about the pain of the future that I forget to thank You for the undeserved gift of today.

In the holy, beautiful, powerful name above all names that is mighty enough to save ANYONE I pray,


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2 Responses to One More Day

  1. Bridget Ashmore says:

    Bri and all,
    Want you to know that Elena Teyer, Ibragim Todashev’s mother-in-law is praying for Djahar, his family and friends and all who are supporters. Elena posted scripture from Matthew 21– emphasizing the importance of prayer for all in these endeavors. The Almighty can work these situations for HIS glory and for our salvation according to HIS will–while drawing the focus of attention to HIM in the name of HIS Loyal and Obedient Son, Amen.

  2. Bri says:

    Thank You Father for giving Jahar yet another day today. May it not be in vain. Please give him plenty more days—at least until his heart beats with praise to You. Then, as my sister said, You can take him home, as much as my heart will hurt on that day.

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