Pray for the Tsarnaev Family

Please join us in praying daily for the Tsarnaev family. It’s simple: Pray for the family member(s) listed each day. Pray whatever you feel led to pray for, but the greatest need for all of the Tsarnaevs is salvation through Jesus Christ, so make sure you include prayer for that.

If the embedded spreadsheet is hard to view or it is not working, it is also available on Google Drive.

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4 Responses to Pray for the Tsarnaev Family

  1. sarah says:

    This is a great idea. I’m in.

    • Bri says:

      Thanks for joining us! I’ve done a horrible job praying for Jahar’s family for a lot of the 26 months since I started praying for him, so I felt like this was needed to ensure they get prayer too. God wants and loves each and every one of his family members as well.

  2. praying4jahar says:

    was very encouraged to find your blog today! I have been praying for the family since last year and haven’t had a lot of local support but so Glad that others are led to pray! Praise God for all He’s doing to bless the Tsarnaev family. None of us deserve His grace, but the Lord is so benevolent.

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