They Sentenced Me To Die

It seemed like I’d run out of second chances
And they sentenced me to die
And I was just like a dead man walking
I was running out of time
But you came to me and opened my eyes
And you gave to me a brand new life

I am innocent and I have been set free
I no longer have chains around my feet
And no matter where I go or what they say
I am innocent

I don’t know if there could be a more perfect song to describe where Jahar is right now, and where I believe he will be instead one day.  The judge and jury have sentenced him to die, and to many, his situation seems hopeless.  It may seem like Jahar is running out of time, but we serve a God who is always on time…a God who can give Jahar a brand new life before it’s too late.

I long for the day when the chorus of this song is true.  Although Jahar will always be guilty of the crimes he committed in an earthly sense, I truly believe he will one day be completely washed clean and declared innocent by his Father.  I am convinced that one day, instead of “convicted terrorist,” his identity will be “beloved child of the One True King.”  I long for the day when he no longer has to shuffle around with those chains around his ankles, but instead is free to dance and run and worship his Savior in complete freedom.  Come Lord Jesus.  He needs You now.

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